Looking to deepen your yoga practice?

This class is on hold until early August:)

There is a space for you to explore the depths of your practice in both the physical and spiritual way. 

2 Teachers ~ 8 Students ~ 75 minutes of practice.

 NEW TIME 6 -7:15  RSVP by Wed. 6PM  (text, email, call)    BUY A  4 PACK and SAVE $12!


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Welcome to Naples Community Yoga

DSC_0350Shining your light  with Wendy Campbell

Our mission is to serve the community by offering an inspirational yoga practice that encourages participants to look within and connect with their true nature. Your practice will infuse your everyday living and shine your light onto others.  You will grow physically, spiritually and emotionally with experienced instruction and hands-on adjustments that will assist you in tapping into the health, happiness and well-being that already resides in you.  Namaste!

Wendy specializes in private/semi-private assisted yoga for runners/cyclists and guided meditation and breath work to reduce stress. Contact her to book your session on the beach, at home, Naples Yoga Center or  come experience the tranquility of  The Waldorf Astoria Spa.   


Wendy Campbell  828.273.6354

Email: wrosenow@yahoo.com  

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